On average TakenPlace couples see 90% more photos from their guests
Takenplace removes the hassle of gathering together your friends & family photographs securely and simply!

  • Guests can share in 3 clicks – making it available to everyone even uncle Eoin

  • Private Gallery –  photos saved securely in a private gallery

  • Print Ready Photographs – Full quality with zero reduction in size or quality

  • Live Slideshow – share guest photos live throughout your Reception, BBQ or Party

  • Personalised Stationery & QR Code –  get guests involved easily

  • Total Flexibility – Download all photographs to share & keep

  • Keep Your Day Exclusive – your private portal reduces public sharing


Four simple steps to add TakenPlace to your wedding day or after wedding event



Simply register your wedding via the website and let us do all the hard work to prepare for your special day



Your personalised QR code with your guests to get them involved.

We provide digital invitations and table cards to match your day



Guests can easily share photographs via your unique portal.

Seamlessly adding to your private gallery and live slideshow throughout the day



You can download full quality photos to share on socials, keep in an album or as prints.




A dedicated sharing page, complete with your own message to your guests


Download all your photos directly from your gallery


Run a live slideshow of guest photos at your wedding reception or after event


We provide personalised invites & table cards to get your guests involved easily


Password protected gallery to share with only your closest family & friends (3 months)


Our local team is here to ensure your day runs smoothly




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    Why use TakenPlace?

    TakenPlace helps you make the most of your wedding day but gathering today a great number of guest photographs from across your wedding. These informal moments can add a whole new dimension to reliving your day.

    The live slideshow allows you to involve your guests throughout your reception & after wedding events by replaying your favourite moments on the big screen

    What is a Live Slideshow?

    We offer couples a new way to include guests in their day by replaying an organically growing slideshow of guest’s photos as they are shared. This add a great touch of inclusion to your wedding day and is a great hit at after wedding parties & BBQs .

    Our software can attach to any smart Tv or TV stick (Google/AppleTV/Firestick) and randomly cycles moderated guests’ photos from your day.

    Can I add the slideshow to our after-wedding gathering?

    Sure, you can! Our slideshows are just the ticket to relive your wedding day with your guests the day after, over breakfast, a BBQ or drinks.

    All you need is to add the additional day during registration and ensure you have a suitable TV ready on the day.

    But we already have a photographer?

    TakenPlace is designed to compliment the services of a professional photographer, who will be their to formally document your day.

    With TakenPlace you can see the other, less organised side of your wedding through your guests’ eyes

    Can we add messages to our guests?

    We offer you the opportunity to send personalised messages to your guests both on your dedicated sharing portal and on the screen. Simple add these via ‘your wedding’ page and they’ll be ready and waiting on the big day

    Can we show our professional photographs on the slideshow?

    Yes, with the agreement of your photographer. They can share their own high-quality photographs onto the screen

    Is there a limit to the number of photographs?

    No! We want you to get as many photographs from your special day as possible, so there are no limits on number or size of upload.

    How can I let people know we’re using TakenPlace?

    We will send you a digital invitation before your wedding day that you can share with guests via social media or email. Guests can then save the portal to start sharing on the day.

    We also provide customer stationery for your venue (including tables cards) that guests can scan on their mobile phones at any time.

    How do guests share photos?

    At sign up our system will create a mobile friendly sharing portal that is unqie to your special day. Guests can access this by scanning your QR code (from your digital invitation, table card or screen) and can quickly upload photos directly from their phone gallery.

    For those taking photographs with other devices, photographs can be shared via a desktop computer until 2 days after your event.

    Why shouldn’t we just do it ourselves?

    The best time to get guests photographs is during the day, while everyone is engaged and want to share their moments with you. Our studies have shown that guests are a lot less likely to ‘remember’ to send on photographs after the wedding day.

    Our systems take all the work out of setting up shared folders, private social galleries or public hashtag’s and we ensure that you receive the full quality photos, not reduced version that are only good for social media sharing.

    How private is our private gallery?

    We setup a dedicated, password protected gallery that will be updated throughout your wedding day.

    You may choose to share these details with close family and friends as you wish but please note that the password cannot be changed, so once someone has the details, they may choose to share them on themselves.

    How long does our private gallery last?

    We offer 3 months of unlimited access & downloads to your gallery as standard and we’ll remind you 1 month before your gallery expires.

    Extended galleries are available as an upgraded.

    What about people who aren’t good with technology?

    It takes 3 clicks to share a photo and our sharing system uses standard sharing interfaces to make it as easy as possible for everyone to share from their phones or home computer.

    What do you mean “moderated” content?

    We realise that weddings are exciting, and people can get carried away, but at the same time they are family events. We use an innovative new platform to automatically restrict images that might contain less than family friendly material to ensure your gallery and slideshow remain suitable for all your guests.